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Medical Record Summarization

Utilizing our expertise, Compex has designed a well-defined Medical Summarization products,TruSummary™. This revolutionary tool drastically reduces the amount of attorney, paralegal and claims personnel time spent sorting and reviewing documents. Our SelfSummary™, a do-it-yourself tool enables the user to create their own summaries on each page.




  • A highly trained staff in medical records and terminology

  • Comprehensive Product Suite - TruSummary™ Chronological Organization, Visit Summary, Visit Index, Billing Summary

  • Ability to toggle seamlessly between the documents, indexes and summarization

  • Legal Nurse Analysis - Where client desires a medical opinion in addition to summaries

  • Ability to annotate, copy, paste, highlight, and add post-it notes on medical summaries

  • Quick turnaround time - only 8 days after receipt

  • Enhanced document repository (data room), view and download records and upload documents

  • Do it yourself tool - SelfSummary™ - Takes the pain out of preparing summaries


  • I have been using Compex Legal Services for at least the past 12 years, and find that they have provided consistent, high quality services. I also use their records summary service which is extremely valuable. I am provided with a very thorough, and easy to read summary, that puts all entries from medical and other records into chronological order, with a description of the entry, and easy page number reference for later location of the actual entry.

    Keith Epstein Hanna, Brophy, Maclean, Mcaleer & Jensen, LLP