Deposition Reporting

Compex’s end-to-end deposition reporting solution combines best-in-class processes with highly-experienced staff to deliver transcripts on a timely basis.

Fast and reliable deposition reporting

Our highly-experienced staff follows a best-in-class process. The team in the field is supported by an equally-experienced home office staff that tracks all events to ensure timely delivery of transcripts and exhibits.

Delivering exceptional service in all 50 states

Each deposition reporter is educated in The Compex Way of providing exceptional service, including confirming all instructions, documenting all required information, and producing an accurate and timely work product.

We manage the process reliably, end-to-end

Compex’s best-in-class process takes care of deposition reporting for you with a well-defined system that consistently produces timely and high-quality work product.

Deposition Scheduled

Deposition is noticed and scheduled, triggering the process

Court Reporter Assigned

Court reporter is assigned, and Compex confirms deposition

Deposition & Notes Taken

Court reporter prepares transcript during and following deposition

Transcript Produced

Deposition transcript is produced and invoiced to the client

Transcript Delivered

Transcript is posted online and delivered via client preferences

Nationwide Partner

We are a national partner, serving clients coast to coast

Ease of Scheduling

Schedule your way: online, by phone, mail, fax or email

Real-time Reporting

Monitor deposition progress on-site or remotely as it happens

Video Depositions

We coordinate all of your video deposition needs, plug-and-play


We provide a network of local interpreters in any language

Witness Fee Advancement

For convenience, we provide advances on your behalf

What makes Compex different?

“For 5+ years, my firm has been very pleased with the exceptional service provided by Compex. Compex always provides competent and knowledgeable reporters, conference rooms, and interpreters, even in areas not covered by other services.”

James L.

Attorney, Law Offices of James Latimer

Deposition Reporting

Our highly experienced staff follows a well-defined process that ensures success. We begin by recruiting professional Court Reporters that are pre-screened and referenced through reliable sources. We then educate them in the "Compex Way" of providing exceptional service as it relates to handling a deposition, confirming all instruction, documenting all required information as part of the transcript and producing timely work product. Additionally our staff calendars all events appropriately to ensure timely delivery of transcripts and exhibits.




  • Nationwide Network – We service clients anywhere

  • Ease of scheduling – You can do it by phone, by mail, by fax or online

  • Real-time Reporting – View deposition progress on-site or remotely as it happens

  • Video Depositions – We coordinate all your video deposition needs

  • We provide interpreters in any language

  • Witness Fee Advancement – We provide advance on your behalf


  • The Compex Deposition Court Reporting Service is “top notch.” The deposition reporters and interpreters that Compex has provided for our firm have been prompt in arriving at the deposition and the reporters have provided the transcripts in a quick and efficient fashion back to our firm, allowing for the smoothest transaction possible.

    Keith EpsteinHanna, Brophy, Maclean, Mcaleer & Jensen, LLP

  • For more than five years, my firm has been and continues to be very pleased with the exceptional service provided by Compex Legal Services, both in its document retrieval and court reporting. Compex Legal Services always accommodates us with a competent and knowledgeable reporter, conference rooms, and interpreters. Compex is capable of securing an additional court reporter in areas where other services do not cover.

    Jim Latimer, AttorneyLaw Office of James Latimer